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Like You're Mine
Like You're Mine (Instrumental)

"Like You're Mine" Out Now

(Released June 21, 2024)


About The Single “Like You’re Mine”

“Like You’re Mine” is a song about wanting to be with someone even if you can only have them temporarily. The nostalgic summertime song is the debut single from Jotti’s upcoming EP, “Post-Love Clarity”.  Jotti worked closely on this project with Eddie Echelon, who is a Grammy-nominated engineer at the legendary Village Studios in LA. Jotti has also worked with music veterans like Rique Pantoja, Sean Hurley, and Jake Reed. Although Jotti wrote and produced all the songs himself, he could not have finished the songs without other supporting session musicians like Zach Esposito and Nes Decreux.

Jotti’s Artist Bio

Jot Singh, also known professionally as Jotti, is an independent artist, singer-songwriter, and record-producer based in Los Angeles.  He was born October 8th, 1999 in the state of Kansas after his parents immigrated from India.

Singh’s musical journey began in 2017 when he started posting covers under the name Jot Singh on YouTube, the summer after graduating from high school. Using just his guitar and voice, Singh slowly gained traction and millions of views covering artists like John Mayer, Alicia Keys, Shawn Mendes, and more. 

Jotti’s cover of New Light has amassed over 1.6 million views on YouTube and was on the Spotify Indonesia Top 50 Viral Charts:

In 2020, Singh released his first body of original music which was a demo EP titled ‘Blue Dreams’. He collaborated with John Mayer’s bassist, Sean Hurley, who played on records ‘Goddess of the Moon’ and ‘Sweet & Sour’. Singh has performed live sessions and shows in Hollywood attaining hundreds of thousand streams and new followers wherever he goes. Singh’s music can be described as a mix between pop, indie, and acoustic.

Where to Discover Jotti

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